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To make our services more accessible, Pasadena Breastfeeding Center has partnered with Lactation Network, a company that's able to bill PPO insurance providers up to three lactation consultations at no cost to you.  Coverage will vary depending on your provider and plan details.


Next, simply enter "Pasadena Breastfeeding Center" in the text box and complete the rest of the form. If you qualify, you'll receive an email confirmation and we'll work with you to book your consultation.

Note: If you don't qualify, we can provide a "Superbill," a document which you can submit with a claim to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement. If you have more questions about this process, contact us at and we'll be happy to help.


There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.

Virginia Kelley